Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating

For many kids in Utah County, Halloween is just as exciting as Christmas! Children love getting elaborately decked out as their favorite superheroes, creatures or any kooky creation of  choice. However, for any parent or guardian, trick-or-treating can be a little nerve-wracking to think about. You want your kids and their friends to stay safe while donning their ghastly apparel and storming the neighborhood in the dark.

We’ve gathered top tips for you, to make sure everyone stays safe and has a blast this Halloween:

*Remember comfort and visibility take priority

“Safety first” is our mantra around Halloween. Make sure to incorporate lighter colors or reflective tape into costumes. Double check to make sure dresses or capes don’t drag on the ground. And finally, make sure that everyone is wearing comfy shoes and to double knot any tennis shoes.

*Keep props flexible and safe

If your child is carrying a prop, make sure it cannot be harmful in any way. Any swords, shields, or lightsabers should be flexible and made of plastic or cardboard and NOT metal or heavy materials. Talk to your child and their friends about keeping their props to themselves and not using them to swat at their friends or anybody’s property.

*Plan your route in advance

Trick-or-treating can span several blocks for multiple hours, so make sure you and your entourage of trick-or-treaters know the route you have planned. Stay in a well-lit neighborhood you’re familiar with. If you’re in a sparse or spread out neighborhood, you may want to check out trick-or-treats organized by your town’s chamber of commerce or neighborhood associations.

Daily Herald also put together an incredible list of Halloween events in Utah County. Check it out here!

*Stay well-lit

In addition to light colors and reflective tape, be sure to have a flashlight. While many go trick-or-treating in the evening, you should anticipate being out after sunset just in case. Make sure parents and guardians have a fully-charged cell phone in case anyone gets lost or needs to get in touch with other parents.

*Do not let kids eat candy before inspecting it

Enforce an “inspection rule” before kids dig into their treats. All candy should be wrapped in its original wrapper and should not be tampered with. While it’s at the parent’s’ discretion whether or not to let kids eat homemade treats, make sure those are also wrapped and protected.

*Stay in groups

No one should be out there alone. Kids that are elementary age or younger should be with a parent or guardian at all times, but those who are middle school-aged and want to explore unaccompanied by parents should stay in groups at all time. Make sure everyone knows all important phone numbers and addresses and set the curfew times and route beforehand.

*Do not accept rides from anyone you don’t know

Even if it’s late and offered, make sure your kids know not to accept rides from anyone they don’t know. Do not accept any kind of candy or bribery and kindly thank them and move on. If you or your kid feels unsafe or uneasy at any time, don’t be afraid to report it or contact your local police.