Pros to Buying a Home in the Winter

For most people, the winter means decking the halls, not buying new ones. It’s easy to have a picture perfect image of looking for homes in sunny weather, but there are actually some immense pros to buying a home during the winter months. Plus, doesn’t the holiday spirit motivate you to treat yourself a little? Here are some of the best reasons to buy a home during the winter months.

1.) Less Competition

In today’s competitive market, bidding wars run rampant. When lots of people are bidding at once, sellers tend to hold off and wait for the best offer. In the winter, they may be anxious to sell sooner than later, so you might also get a better price than busier months. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

2.) Savings

Piggybacking off of less competition, you can potentially save a lot of money buying in the winter. Because real estate is a “supply and demand market,” you can find good deals when no one else is looking. A little savings on an interest rate can go a long way, too. Anishka Seker, Financial Adviser on NerdWallet gives the following scenario:

“Let’s say you’re buying a house with 6 percent closing cost and a 30-year mortgage with a 3.25 percent interest rate. If your house costs $500,000 as opposed to $550,000, the total cost of your mortgage will fall by over $80,000. You’ll feel the benefits of buying low for decades to come.”

3.) All Systems are a Go

The winter can be the ultimate “litmus test” for buyers. All of the homes heating and plumbing systems are put to the test during the cold months, so you can ensure that everything is in working order before having the surprise of a heater going out months after buying. The structural elements are also put to the test. You can check to see how the roof is holding up and how the gutters function when searching for homes in the winter.

4.) The Home is in its Purest Form

When trees aren’t blossoming and leaves aren’t reducing noise, you can truly see the home in its most natural state. You’ll want to see your investment in its uncamouflaged state to assess the reality of the property. Plus, you’ll get to appreciate the home even more when it’s in its most aesthetically pleasing state in the summer.

5.) Other Perks

Did you know if you close on a home before December 31st, you can apply the purchase of your home towards tax deductions? If you buy after, you’ll have to wait a whole fiscal year to reap any tax benefits. And speaking of closings, mortgages tend to close much faster during the winter due to less people buying and selling, so the process moves faster.

If any of these reasons spurred some new thoughts about searching for a home, feel free to reach out and contact us. We never pressure anyone into any decisions they’re not ready for and simply like to lend an ear and a helping hand to help you make the best decision. Free free to shoot us an email at or give us a call for more information. 801-995-4700.

Utah County Holiday Cheer

We’re seven days into December, and for most, the holiday cheer has been kicked up a notch. Lots of us are ready to welcome the snow, curl up by the fire, and appreciate our loved ones near and far. Year after year our Utah County community is chock full of holiday events and activities for the whole family. Whether your holiday spirit needs a little boost or it’s in full-fledged mode, we highly recommend checking out what our local community has to offer. ‘Tis the season!

1.) The Happy Elf

There’s no way this musical won’t become a new classic. Scored by Harry Connick Jr., The Happy Elf is centered around Eubie the Elf who is on a musical mission to bring Christmas cheer to Bluesville, a town on Santa’s naughty list. You can catch the show at 7:30 on Wednesday-Saturday at SCERA and tickets are only $10 for children (3-11) and seniors and $12 for adults and older kids. Hurry, though—this show only runs through December 17th!

For more information and tickets, visit the SCERA website.

2.) The North Pole at Seven Peaks

Now in its second year, The North Pole at Seven Peaks Water Park has become a Utah County holiday tradition. Holiday activities for the whole family include sledding down waterslides, riding trains through the festive landscape, cruising through the North Pole on bumper boats and so much more. This is a perfect evening or weekend activity that is reasonably priced (only $10 for the general public) and you have until December 23rd to enjoy the festivities.

Click here for detailed information and hours.

3.) A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” has become a timeless nostalgic performance passed down through generations. For many families, it wouldn’t be the holiday season without it. The Hale Center Theater is known for outstanding productions year-round. Make sure to scoop up tickets before the last show on December 23rd.

For tickets and show times, check out the HCTO website.

4.) Luminaria

The name “Luminaria” itself is intriguing, but what is it? According to its description, “Imagine all the light displays you’ve seen before. Now, imagine something entirely different and you’re on the right track.” This captivating mile-long walk in Lehi’s Ashton Gardens features programmable luminaries including moving pictures of blooming poinsettias, reindeer, and a 40-foot tree at the top of the hill. There are also beautiful holiday touches such as fire pits, hot chocolate, a gift boutique, and even cinnamon-scented mulch.

Learn more at the Luminaria website.

5.) Spanish Fork Festival of Lights

For lots of families, it wouldn’t be the holiday season without driving around and scoping out festive lights. Lucky for Utah County, we have one of the best displays in the nation with the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights. This isn’t any drive through the neighborhood. The display includes 150 raindrops, a candy cane factory, ballerinas, an American flag, a bear fishing, and so much more. We highly encourage you to take the online tour and then get out there to see it for yourself.

For more information, visit the website.