Perks of Being a Realtor

You may have entered 2017 thinking that it was time to put your nose to the grindstone and change your attitude about your work life. Despite these new sentiments, you still feel yourself compelled to hit snooze every morning. You still have days where you think there isn’t enough caffeine in the world to keep you going. And above it all, you still feel lost and unfulfilled.

If the 9-5 grind is getting you down or you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your job, a career in real estate might be right for you. With dedication, obtaining your license doesn’t take that long and it’s fairly inexpensive. Curious? BHHS Elite RE offers resources, tools, and training to help you succeed at every step of your career.

If you’re only thinking of the change – check out these perks and continue to be tempted!


  1. YOU are in Control

It can be easy to get burned out and feel underappreciated if you’re confined to an office all hours of the day. On top of that, having to “answer to” someone when you have a family, hobbies, and other pursuits can get tedious and wear you out. When you’re a real estate agent, YOU make your own hours. YOU decide where you work. YOU design the business plan that works best for you. This career is what you make of it and how you can make it work for you.


2.) Business Growth is Up to You

There is no limit to how much your business can grow. With a good attitude, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic, you will have a sustainable business in no time. Once you find your sweet spot of what you want to earn, there will be no one hovering over your shoulder telling you to work more or work longer hours. That is entirely up to you.


3.) There is No Cap on Earnings

As a realtor, your income isn’t based on salary or an hourly wage, so there is no limit to how much you can make. You are essentially an independent contractor with income generated through commission. For instance, if you sell a $200,000 home and earn 3% commission, that’s $6,000 from the sale. Even after the broker fee, you still wind up with $4,000-5,000 in your pocket. The National Association of Realtors reports that the median annual income for a full-time agent is $55,000.


4.) Good Customer Service Pays Off

Several people enter the real estate industry because they enjoy helping others and consider themselves to be a “people person.” That love for quality customer service can pay off otherwise, too. In the National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, we see that 66% of home buyers said they would use their real estate agent again or recommend the agent to others. A home is one of the biggest investments someone will make in their life, so good word of mouth will go a long way!


5.) The Real Estate Market Will Never Die

Although the economy can be a roller coaster at times, the fact of the matter is people will always be buying and selling homes. Even when the market experiences its slow points, you will never cease to be selling homes completely. When the market is thriving, the success will taste even sweeter and your business will flourish.


Although being a real estate agent comes with these perks, it can be hard work and isn’t easy money. You will quickly find that BHHS has advantages that sets us apart from other firms. We invite you to see what others are saying and meet with a broker to discuss more about our company and scholarship program. You can request info here.

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re taking the plunge and setting out on the exciting journey to buy a home. We know the market is tighter than ever. In fact, in the Utah housing market, demand is exceeding supply all over the state. Like any milestone, buying a home can be full of ups and downs. Rather than discourage you, we want to give you some of the best tips we’ve ever heard for first time home buyers. That way, you can set yourself up for success and enjoy this moment!

1.) Get Your Financials In Order

A homebuyer’s credit score could very well be the most crucial piece of the puzzle when qualifying for a loan. Before you begin shopping, see what you can do to clean up your credit score. You can use tools like or to view your potential FICO score. Additionally, you can see if there are any errors on your report and get in touch with any collection agencies if you need.

To qualify for the best loan rates, you generally need a credit score of 740 or higher. To give your score a boost, pay down credit cards so your balance is less than 30% of the limit and avoid late payments. Paying bills on time is the single most important thing you can do, so if you have any outstanding payments or have fallen behind, make a concerted effort to get back on track.


2.) Know Your Assets and Liabilities

After your ducks are in a row with payments and you don’t owe exorbitant amounts of money, you need to carefully evaluate how you spend money. Do you have heaps of money left over every month or are you feeling stretched thin? Make sure you track your spending for at least a couple months prior to shopping for homes as it will reflect how lenders evaluate your income. If you are self-employed or a commision-based professional, you may have a harder time being approved for loans, so make sure you have at least 2 years of solid income records.


3.) Investigate Alternate Options

Many people shy away from buying homes because they aren’t close to having a 20% downpayment or their credit is lower than 740. Did you know that Federal Housing Administration loans let you put just 3.5% down, and offer better rates for those with less-than-pristine credit? Mortgage powerhouses Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have also launched similar programs. The fact of the matter is, nothing is completely cut and dry and there are options out there.


4.) Get Pre-Approved

Are you confident with how you look on paper and are looking for a quick and seamless deal? Have a mortgage lender check your credit and verify your income and assets. Some lenders may even provide pre-approval letters which are “as good as cash” in the eyes of some sellers.


5.) Be Patient and Flexible

Playing up your flexibility won’t only save your nerves, but it can give you an edge over pushy buyers. Have your agent get in touch with the sellers and gauge what they need as far as a closing window, option to rent back, etc. The more flexibility you give them, the better shot you might have to seal the deal.

Where to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Utah County

It seems like every January we get to kick our feet up and relax after a turbulent holiday season. Fast forward a few short weeks and Valentine’s Day is knocking on the door. Don’t panic—Utah County is abundant with events to spend the romantic holiday with your loved one. We could write a novel, but we’ve narrowed it down to this short list.


Valentine’s Day Dinner at Thanksgiving Point

Doesn’t an evening with exceptional music, a divine meal, and dancing sound like a picture perfect night with your sweetheart? Valentine’s Day at Thanksgiving Point is a memorable affair year after year. You can enjoy festivities over the weekend on February 11th or the actual holiday on February 14th.


Valentine’s Day Tastings – Love at Taste

Taste is one of Provo’s finest establishments carrying artisan chocolates, oils, vinegars, and more. Their Friday night tastings have become one of the hottest events in Utah County. Taste is holding a special Valentine’s Day tasting at 7:00 p.m. on February 14th. Eat a light dinner then come celebrate each other over a stacked tasting fully equipped with chocolate, cheese, and more.


Love is in the Air – A Valentine’s Day Concert

Sometimes you just want to be serenaded. If sultry vocals are your thing, you can go to the Driehaus Museum to enjoy jazz vocalist, Rose Colella, singing amorous standards, tongue-in-cheek tunes about love gone awry, and more. The concert also includes cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres. The performance goes from 6:30 to 8:30 on February 14th. Doors also open one hour prior for guests wishing to visit the museum.


Valentine’s Masquerade Ball at Provo City Library

If you’re looking to write a new chapter in your love story, the Valentine’s Masquerade Ball at Provo City Library is the perfect place to be. For $30 a person, the night includes dinner catered by Marvellous Catering, live music and dancing performing by CB Jazz, and a rose for every lady. If you can’t escape to celebrate Valentine’s festivities during the week, this is the event for you as it takes place on Saturday, February 11th with dinner starting promptly at 6:00 p.m.


How to Deal with Snow and Ice

Utah County is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but the winter can take a toll on you if you aren’t prepared. It can become easy to lose motivation during the colder months. All of a sudden your daily routine of work, school and errands can seem like a chore. However, a few simple tricks and a little legwork can help you go about as usual, even in the worst of weather.


Invest in good snow tires

If you live in an area that consistently snows, snow tires are a must. These tires are built with softer rubber, which allows for more traction in grueling snowy and icy conditions. They also allow you to stop at a more rapid rate avoiding potential collisions and traffic infractions. Although the tires are an initial investment, they could help avoid accidents and save your life.


Stock up on supplies

Times of being stuck inside your home due to extreme inclement weather can be few and far between, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Always have enough food on hand to get through a few days, some extra non-perishable goods, and stock up on toilet paper, diapers, and other necessities. If your furnace is going non-stop, you should also consider investing in a gas detection device that will alert you if there is a malfunction.


Use salt as a de-icer

Table salt can be a fantastic de-icer when used in moderation. If you want to avoid waking up to frost on your windows, put some salt in a sock and rub it on your windows the night before. Be careful about overdoing it as repeated use could cause damage to the surfaces you are de-icing. For sidewalks and large surfaces, consider picking up salt that’s specific to snow and ice removal.


Put a sheet over your windshield

If you know a big storm is rolling in, place a drop cloth or tarp over your car’s windshield for quick snow removal. You can also cover up steps leading up to your house and walkways with those sturdy cloths. Come time to leave, you simply pull it off and you’re good to go.


Allow extra time

When traveling in winter weather conditions, make sure to give yourself extra time to get from point A to point be to avoid stressing out and being reckless. If your usual commute takes 30 minutes, give yourself 40 to get there. Make sure you slow down and adhere to speed limits as well.