Back To School Party Ideas

The kids are back in school, which is kind of an adjustment after spending the last three-ish months being leisurely and spending time with friends. How can you make the transition easier? Throw a back-to-school bash! With these awesome tips that we’ve put together for you, you can help make your child’s school year a hit!

  1. Ask each parent to donate one school-related item and host a supply drive! Not all families can afford to stock their kids up on the essentials, and what better way to give back to the community than throwing a party with a cause?
  2. Host a backyard campout. Pitch tents, makes smores, play soccer, play a movie on the projector, go all in! Kids bond at sleepovers more than just about any other kind of get-together, and you’re guaranteed to set them up for a very social school year!
  3. Serve caramel apples, apple pie, make a cake that’s shaped like ruler– basically, make lots of school-themed food. Adding little touches like serving their food in brown paper bags or on trays makes the theme even more fun!
  4. Send little school supplies like rulers, crayons, notepads, etc. home as party favors. It’s an inexpensive way to help your child’s friends succeed in the school year, too!
  5. For college students try this theme: Athletes and Mathletes. Throw on your favorite jersey (or pair of suspenders) and award a prize to the best costume of the night. It’s a great way to bond with your roommates or socialize with the entire dorm!


Going back to school might mean the end of summer vacation, but it doesn’t have to end the fun! Making time for your kids to bond with their peers will make them excited for Monday morning when they get to see their friends and expand their academic horizons at the same time. Are there any tips you have for throwing the best BTS Party? We’d love to hear them!

School is Back in Session!

Summer vacation is over, and I’m sure your little ones aren’t too happy about it. While the new school year brings new sets of homework, and less time playing outside or hanging out with friends, it also brings a lot of opportunities for growth, both academically and emotionally, which should be what you focus on highlighting. Here are a few of our favorite tips on tackling their next academic step!

  1. If you can, visit the school one week before, to help them learn the layout of the building.
  2. Get your kid’s class schedule ahead of time and walk through it with them. You can decrease a lot of uncertainty and help them get familiar with all of the new components they’re facing.
  3. Practice opening their lockers, especially if it’s a combination lock. Furthermore, help them to decorate it. It’s a great way to spend time together and get your child excited for their upcoming classes.
  4. Meet the teacher, especially if your child is just starting at the school. Make sure the teacher knows that your child is new to the school or the neighborhood. Writing a letter to the teacher with basic tips and easy requests is a big help. For instance, let the teacher know that you just moved there or that your child has never been to a school this size.
  5. Make a special purchase. Whether that be the more expensive backpack, taking them shopping for new clothes, or even just splurging on some cool notebooks, allowing your kids to create their identity for the year will ease their anxieties about fitting in.

Talking about the positives of the upcoming year and staying involved will get your child more excited about their education, which will make them more likely to succeed. Not every gesture that you make needs to be grand, just letting your child know that you’re there will be enough for them to tackle their grades!