Adorable Family Halloween Costumes Ideas

Dressing your kids in adorable Halloween costumes is one of the best parts of Halloween (obviously, besides the candy). There are plenty of creative ways to show your Halloween spirit. We have put together some awesome family costumes for you to try:


 Where’s Waldo?

Got stripes? Check out these adorable costumes that you could pull off last minute.

Instructions, Say Yes

Waldo: Blue jeans, red and white striped t-shirt, boots, travel items, cane, red beanie with a white pom pom, glasses

Mrs. Waldo: Red and white striped t-shirt, navy pencil skirt, red beanie with a white pom pom, bandana, red and white layered socks, brown shoes, thrifted bag, glasses

Baby Waldo: Red and white striped onesie, blue tights, red and white stripped beanie with red pom pom, glasses


Winnie the Pooh Family

Turn your favorite cartoon into the cutest prize winning family Halloween costume


Winnie the Pooh: get a yellowish gold dress and red crop top accompanied by some gold bear ears.

Christopher Robin: yellow polo, Pair with navy shorts, tall white socks and brown loafers

Piglet: pink leotard and tutu, pink fabric paint to add stripes to the leotard and pink felt to create ears, glued onto a headband

Grease Costumes

If you love adorable Halloween costumes and old movies this one is definitely for you.


Sandy: Black high-waisted shiny pants, black and gold high-waisted belt, black off-the-shoulder crop top, short blonde wig, red lipstick, red converse.

Danny: little black leather jacket, black and white foam paper, white undershirt, black hair spray, fashion tape, matching red converse.

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